Dirty Bomb

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Dirty Bomb is a free-to-play multiplayer online first-person shooter, developed by Splash Damage, the studio behind Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Designed with a cooperative, team-focus in mind, players will be able to choose from dozens of unique roles and defend or attack key objectives against an opposite team with like mind players.

At the beginning of a match, the player is placed on either the attacking or defending team and must complete various objectives in order to win the round, while fighting both the opposing team and the clock. The player can choose up to three mercenaries, or ‘mercs’, to play as during the round, and can switch between them freely between lives.

Teamwork and communication are strongly encouraged during the game, hinted at by the ability to revive ‘downed’ players, as well as the fact that being the ‘lone wolf’ often leads to a short life. The gameplay is based on Splash Damage’s previous titles Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Brink, such as similar classes, gameplay objectives, and certain classes having access to abilities like placing ammunition packs, healing stations, or sentry guns. The main goal of the attacking team either begins by repairing and escorting an Extraction Vehicle, abbreviated to ‘EV’ in-game, to a predetermined location, or to plant C-4 on a certain target. The objectives after that point are more varied from map to map; for example, on the maps Trainyard and Bridge, the attackers’ goal is now to steal data cores/drug samples from the defending team and deliver them to a helicopter, while on the rest of the maps, the objectives are only to destroy various targets. Also available on each map are ‘side objectives’; objectives that aren’t mandatory to complete, but assist the attacking team in completing their ultimate goal.

Main Features:

Your Mercs, Your Style: Choose from a wide array of distinct Mercenaries. Each Merc has a variety of load-outs and attributes to suit your style. So select your favorite three, form a squad, and get ready to Play Dirty!

There’s no I in Team: Although each Merc has their own individual strengths, they really come into their own when working as part of a team. Success in Dirty Bomb relies on creating balanced Mercenary squads, coordinating with your teammates to fight as one and showing your opponents the real meaning of hostile negotiations.

Competitive To The Core: Dirty Bomb is built to be a highly competitive and engaging FPS experience. From the team-based gameplay to party matchmaking to planning unique Merc strategies to achieve the map objectives.

A Mercenary’s Playground: Compete for riches and bragging rights from 5v5 to 8v8 multiplayer action across the game’s initial two modes:
– Objective: Complete team objectives such as blowing up a train while your opponent defends and tries to run out the clock.
– Stop-Watch: It’s about teamwork and strategy in this race against time. Players take turns attacking and defending objectives while the clock counts down, the team that gets the furthest or completes it all faster takes the prize.

Free-to-Win: Totally free to play and, more importantly, free to win, Dirty Bomb gives you hundreds of hours of competitive multiplayer fully supported by dedicated servers. It’s all about playing well as a team and mastering your Mercs and their abilities, not the amount of money spent.

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) or better
CPU: 2.33 GHz Dual Core or better
Video Card: 512MB – GeForce 7800GTX or better
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