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TAGAP 2 is a 2-D platformer free shoot-em-up, that continues the story of cyber-penguins Pablo and Pedro, who now have joined forces. Following the events of TAGAP, our waddling heroes stumble on even bigger zombie penguin army, spearheaded by general Primo, the most epic cyber-penguin ever!

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GunGirl 2

GunGirl 2 is a free action platformer game in the same style of games like Metroid, Castlevania, or Cave Story, but with blood … Much blood.

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SuperTux Kart

SuperTux Kart is a free kart racing game. Basically, you running a number of laps and try to be faster than your opponents. There are “Power ups” such as extra acceleration, rockets and other stuff that helps you defeat your opponents.

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Air Assault 2

Take to the skies again with Air Assault 2, the intense sequel to the action hit that pits you against a determined enemy over the desert, the sea, and a vast industrial complex.

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SuperTux is a free and open-source two-dimensional platform game, inspired by the Nintendo Super Mario Bros. series. Instead of Mario, the hero in this game is Tux, the mascot of the Linux kernel.

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The main Neverball objective is to move the ball using the gravity game engine, but not directly controlling the ball, but instead the game board. Using the keyboard or mouse you have to guide the ball through a course full of obstacles.