Trackmania Nations Forever

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Trackmania Nations attracted an unbelievable number of players around the world, through their fast cars, their spectacular racing for one or more players and a simple but effective tool to edit videos and tracks.

In two years, the game has been installed 30 million times and there are more than 4 million user accounts, thirsty for the option to race online.

Now the highly anticipated sequel to the game, named Trackmania Nations Forever, is available for download. This version brings a complete remodeling of the stadium mode, a solid single player mode with 65 new race tracks.

The release of TrackMania Nations Forever is intended to converge the whole community of the various versions of the game. For the first time, players of the free versions will be able to race online with the paid version, called Trackmania United.

Play Solo

As the name suggests, here you run offline, against yourself or the computer. This mode is ideal for training skills and learn the paths of the tracks in order to achieve greater prominence in online competitions.

You can choose from five difficulty levels, which actually refers to the difficulty of the opponents, plus the amount of stunts on the slopes and curves. To open any of them, you must obtain certain medals, which are bronze, silver and gold, according to the stipulated minimum time to finish each track.

Play Online

This undoubtedly is the great attraction of Trackmania. Here, you can now find almost 200.000 active users running in all parts of the world.

The first mode is the Time Attack race. In it, the goal of all players is to complete the journey in the shortest possible time. You run without stopping a second and if you think that you can not beat your previous time, simply press the Backspace key and your car will be back to the start of the race. When the time runs out the race ends, the player who was fastest in their attempts wins.

Another game mode is called “Cup Mode” and the goal is to run several races in a row, accumulating points which are proportional to your placing in each race. There may be warming laps before each race to familiarize players with the layout of the tracks. To win in this mode, you must accumulate a minimum number of points to be able to participate in the final race, in which what matters is only the first place.

The game mode Rounds have a similar process, but the goal is to win as many races as possible in order to achieve an agreed number of points which, when achieved, ends the competition. The same happens in Team, but in it, the corridors are divided into teams, and the winning team is the first team to reach an agreed number of points in the race.

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP or better
CPU/Processor: Pentium IV 1.6GHz / AthlonXP 1600+ or higher
RAM/Memory: 512 MB
Video Card: GeForce 8200 / Radeon HD 3200 or better
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